Find my furniture

Where can you buy what you are looking for

I can find whatever you’re looking for. You send me a picture or a clear description of what you would like to have for your house and I will take it from there. I am very well informed of what is offered by all brands and all shops. After I found what you were looking for, you pay an amount ranging from €25 to €100, depending on your specs. I will subsequently put you in contact with the shop that offers the perfect piece of furniture. I will perform a thorough quality check on the particular shop or online store so you can safely buy your piece of furniture.

You want me to take it a step further? That is always an option:

  • I can purchase the product for you. Quite often with a discount!
  • I can arrange the installation for you, if necessary.
  • I can be at your house for the delivery and arrange for it to be placed without you having to spend time waiting at home.
  • Furthermore I can arrange for any old furniture to be removed.

Zie ook REGELEN voor de verschillende extra’s die ik aanbied.


  1. Upload a picture and a description
  2. Personal contact to discuss any questions
  3. I will start searching for you
  4. You receive a proposal listing the various options
  5. Payment
  6. I will purchase the piece of furniture for you or send you the contact details of the relevant supplier
  7. Your piece of furniture will be delivered at your home and you can start enjoying it!