Do you have a small or a big furniture problem. You can hire me as your project manager. I can manage your furnishing project!

  • Renovate
  • Interior Design
  • Interior advice and styling
  • To find and to buy furniture
  • Custom Make furniture
  • Decorate for sale
  • Retail, office or restaurant furnishing

Are you a carpenter or furniture making company? or an interior stylist? and looking for someone to help you out, because you are really busy and can't tie the knots? Hire me as your projectmanager. We can make a proposal for your specific job.



Your Projectmanager:

My qualities can help you out. I am familiar with everything for your interior, I love to organise and I think there is always a solution for your problem!

When I bought my house in 2011, we did a complete renovation. We changed the lay-out of the house and redid the kitchen and the bathroom. Most of the buildings we did ourselves, but for the more specific work I hired contractors. I managed the renovation by myself and I am very proud of the result. In 2018 we again did some home improvement and put an extra floor on top of our house. Everything had to be sorted and planned. I have my share of experience in renovating and home improvement.

I have worked as a project manager and I love to plan and to organize. In addition, I am an expert in doing research on the internet. If you are doing a big purchase, you want to make sure you have the best price and the best quality. And that is where I can help you!