If you are looking for custom made furniture

I can have any piece of furniture made for you, fully custom-made and exactly as you want it: a unique piece of furniture! If this sounds appealing but you have no idea where to start? Engage Alles Interieur to have your piece of furniture made.

You can send me a picture or a description of what you would like to have made. I am in contact with numerous furniture makers and I will find you the right craftsman for your piece of furniture, who can make your unique piece according to your specs.

The next steps will be taken in close cooperation with you. Would you like to stay in control and arrange everything with the furniture maker yourself or do you want me to supervise the process? Anything is possible. I can organize everything for you.


  1. Send your picture and a description, via mail, WhatsApp or social media!
  2. Personal contact to discuss any questions
  3. Search for the appropriate furniture maker
  4. Once I have found what you are looking for, you will receive a proposal listing the various options!
  5. Payment
  6. The furniture maker will start the job
  7. I manage the process for you and keep you updated on the progress
  8. Your piece of furniture will be delivered at your house
  9. Enjoy your new piece of furniture!