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  2. Upload a picture of what you are looking for
  3. Add a description of your wishes
  4. Personal contact to discuss any questions
  5. Do you want me to find the store for you? You only pay when I have found what you are looking for
  6. Are you looking for custom made furniture? You will receive a personal proposal
  7. Are you looking for some other help with your furnishing? Let me know and I can arrange anything for your Interior.

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Send your picture on whatsapp +31617232331. Is your picture on your computer activate web.whatsapp

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Send me a picture and let me work for you! I would love to receive as much information as possible. Please try to give me the following information:

  • Description; Tell me what you are looking for. The more details of your wishes, the better I can find what you are looking for.
  • Sizes; what are the sizes of your perfect piece of furniture.
  • Material; What material would you like for your furniture? Be specific if you can, like wood type and finish
  • Budget; Do you have a budget? I always look for the best priced options.
  • Delivery date; What is your preferred delivery date? I always look for the first possible delivery date.
  • Personal details ; Please provide your name, email and cell. If you have a preference how to reach you best, please let me know.